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Nikki`s Graphics, Blogcrews, & Memes Community
Everytime I look, I thought you were there
But it was just my imagination
I wanna go to a place where I can say

"I'm all right, and I'm staying there
...with you"

★ A B O U T ★

Hello there, and welcome to starryskiiies, which was made by nrstar, formerly known as nr_icons.
Here, you will find graphics of any kind, blogcrews, & memes. This community is for members only, so only a few of the posts will remain public. Feel free to join and watch the community and thank you for your time to look at starryskiiies

★ R U L E S ★

★ Please credit nrstar or starryskiiies if you are going to use the graphics.
★ Do not claim the graphics that I make as your own.
★ Do not HOTLINK, please.
★ And please be polite. XD I may ban users [but I doubt that I`ll do that. XD] because of their behavior.

★ Thank you, and enjoy. :D

★ L I N K S ★

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