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[044] ★ Suggestions? :>

★ Hey guys! :D It`s been a long time, huh? :) I`m gonna come up with a new icon post soon! :D
★ It`s gonna include Durarara!! and some coloured manga panels/icons from Pandora Hearts! :D
★ Would you like to suggest any animanga that I should icon/colour? :> If yes, then comment here! :>
★ I`ll add your suggestions here so that I won`t forget them. :>
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[043] ★ Pimping!

Please help us by pimping this banner to your journal and/or your community. :D
Thanks a lot! :D

★ I`m gonna post icons soon so please wait for it! :D
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[042] ★ Durarara!! Friending Meme.

★ My first friending meme! :D


★ Fill in the code.
★ Reply to people`s comments if you want to friend them and people will reply to yours if they want to friend you.
★ Be nice to everyone. :)
★ Make awesome DURARARA!! friends. :)
★ Enjoy and have fun. :)


Shizuo ★  :">

[041] ★ Icons, Banners, & Manga Colourings

★ First icon, banner & manga colouring post of 2010! :D

Total Icons: 148
Crisis Core: 10
Durarara!!: 25
Skip Beat!: 14
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: 16
Manga Colourings: 16 TRC, Pandora Hearts, Air Gear, Kuroshitsuji
Shareable Requests: 67 Kimi ni Todoke, Kobato, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, FMA, Ouran High School Host Club, Vocaloid, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, Resident Evil, ToraDora!, Pandora Hearts

★ preview

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Total Banners: 6
R.O.D. : 2
Fatal Frame 4: 4
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Total Manga Colourings: 5
Air Gear: 1
Kuroshitsuji: 1
Pandora Hearts: 2
Vampire Knight: 1
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★ Please credit nrstar or starryskiiies if you`re gonna use these icons and/or banners. :)
★ Advices/Opinions/ConCrits/Comments are welcome here. Tell me what you think. :)
★ Thank you for taking your precious time to look at my post. ^^ [I hope I didn`t waste it. @_@]
★ Don`t claim these as yours.
★ You can use the page [crop it] as a banner or make it an icon if you want, but please credit me, nrstar or starryskiiies, for the colouring. ^^
★ Textless icons are not bases. :D
★ I hope you liked them and thank you very much! :)

★ POST WILL BE PUBLIC FOR 3 DAYS. :) Join this community for more graphics, blogcrews, & memes. :)
★ Not a rule but... Please join/watch this comm for more updates. XD

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MOD [007] ★ 2010

Happy New Year,

I hope you had fun watching starryskiiies a-and that you`ll continue to watch this comm in 2010! :D I`m going to post a BIG BATCH of icons soon. :D And it includes Crisis Core, Durarara!!, Skip Beat!, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and some manga colourings. XD Oh and I think I`ll accept requests in the near future, so be ready with your images! XD

Good luck with everything, guys! ♥ ILU. XD
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This community is for members only.

If you want to see the posts, then please join my community and watch it. :) Come on, don`t be shy. :>
All of the posts will be locked after three days except for the resources, awards, affiliates, requests, this entry, maybe some other entries. XD

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